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guitar lessons los angelesPlease meet our current and former students by reading their testimonials:

"Hi Oksana, I just wanted to say that your classes have opened a whole new world for our son Jonathan. I am a singer/songwriter/musician, and I have been trying to get him to play piano for the past year and he refused to. Since taking your free class at the beginning of Quarantine time (6 weeks ago), he has found a LOVE for playing. The way you teach and make them feel confident, he truly appreciates playing.

From the first day of you teaching and having them perform the song during the class, he played it twice, then it is already memorized!  Then he went through 4 other pages in your book and started playing. After I saw this, I taught him some chords for a song I was learning and he learned and memorized the whole song in 3 days. My husband and I are so excited. We would not have seen his new found talent without him taking your class!!!!  Also, I appreciate that you are teaching he music theory as well!! THANK YOU SO MUCH Oksana!!  He looks forward to playing the songs for your class."

Kat C. from Beverly Hills, CA

"My 9 year old son has been getting music lessons from the Oksana School of Music for several years now and our family absolutely loves them. He started off on drums, moved to piano, and then found his musical instrument of choice- the electric guitar, so he has had several different teachers from the school and every single one of them has been great. Everyone we have had contact with at the school has been wonderful- extremely nice, caring people. Payment is fast and easy- we do everything online and have never had any issues. And the teachers come to our place with a smile on their face, ready to teach our little rocker. He looks forward to the lessons every week. If you are looking for some talented teachers to give you music lessons from a fantastic organization, I highly recommend the Oksana School of Music."

Jeff S. from Beverly Hills, CA

"I took piano classes with Oksana and she was a pleasure to work with. She is

patient, kind and extremely knowledge with a great wealth of experience. Within only 10 classes I was able to go from zero knowledge of piano to playing one of Chopin's popular pieces - Nocturne No. 20 in C sharp minor.

Through the process of signing up for classes and scheduling, I also met with Alex who is the director of management at Oksana School of Music. His energy and positive attitude is contagious.

Oksana School of Music is a professional and results-driven establishment.
I would recommend them without any reservations to anyone interested
to discover music or expend their already existing knowledge and skills
of the musical arts."

Shervin Youssefian from Glendale, CA

"I’ve had the pleasure to work with Oksana Management Group Professionally when they launched the music choir group in our school and also providing excellent private piano lessons for my daughter and many of our family friends. Very impressed with their commitment to excellence!"

Mindy Ruder, Level Up Personal Branding

"My son has been with this music school for almost three years now and I cannot be more happy with the service they have provided!  Not only are they kind and understanding of your children's needs, they really care.  The teachers come to your home and they have been very professional, kind and patient with my son.  It brings me such joy to watch my son play the guitar and each year, they host a wonderful recital for all the kids who would like to participate and perform.  My son is quite confident with the instrument because of this music school and without them, he wouldn't have gotten to where he is right now. He loves showing his skills to family and friends and I would definitely recommend this music school to ANYONE who would like to start learning any musical instrument.  And by the way, they're not just for kids.  If you're an adult and have a yearning for picking up a new hobby, give them a call! You won't be disappointed!"

Lucy M. from Beverly Hills, CA

"Oksana School of Music has been a great advocate for Smile Train - and international charity that repairs the smiles of children with cleft lip/palate in the developing world.  As Director for the Western United States I have worked with this great team on events they have produced to benefit those they will never meet!  They have always been a very professional partner, immediately responsive to collaborate and do good! Thank you to the great team at Oksana School of Music! Keep up the great work!"

Justin McCarthy from Long Beach, CA

"Oksana and the owners are consummate professionals who have a simple goal; teach our kids to love and play music. The teachers (who come to your home) are kind, well mannered and infinitely patient. Our son's two teachers (one moved back home) have elevated our son's skills from beginner to advance in just two years.  You would be amazed what hidden talents your kid will have when playing their instrument of choice (ours plays guitar) with the exceptional learning program they provide."

Jacob M. from Beverly Hills, CA

"Oksana School of music is one of the cutting edge institutions in So Cal. They utilize a vast network of stellar teachers and methods to help their students excel and grow. Both Oksana and Alex are extremely positive and encouraging, and have created an oasis for the arts that is very much needed in this new era. I cannot recommend them enough."

Dana B. from Los Angeles, CA

"Oksana School Of Music is wonderful! Our daughter has been taking lessons for the past 3 1/2 years and she absolutely loves Oksana and also loves the piano. Oksana is an extremely talented pianist and also a talented teacher, knowing exactly how to keep a child interested and engaged. Oksana has given our daughter the gift of music and inspires her to continue and grow. I would recommend Oksana School Of Music to everyone!"

Elise Doganieri and Bertram van Munster from Beverly Hills, CA

"I have had the pleasure of working with Oksana and her Manager since 2003.  Oksana is passionate about her craft and has always enjoyed sharing her knowledge of music and her piano skills with others. This passion is what stirred her desire to open the Oksana School of Music. Since its inception, they have enriched the lives of countless students of all ages. Both she and her manager are creative thinkers who continually look for ways to enhance their program for students. The Oksana Management team works feverishly to ensure a portion of their work is dedicated to helping children.  Honesty, integrity and their unyielding desire to develop the musician in each of us places the Oksana School of Music above all others!"

Karen Kildall from Liberty Hill, TX

"I have worked with Oksana and her Manager for over 15 years, and I have seldom met more professional, caring, personable, and giving people! Oksana continually gives back to the community and the world. One example of her concern for children is a benefit concert she is giving to benefit Rotary International’s state-wide Camp Florida for special needs children & adults, among others. Oksana goes above & beyond in her professional delivery of services, and is one of the most kind, loving people I know. She has my full and unwavering support!"

Ret. US Navy CDR Will Miller from Largo, FL

"We have known Alex and Oksana for many years. We've had the pleasure of seeing them interact, build and maintain personal and professional relationships throughout those years. They are very mild-mannered, kind, honest, unselfish, passionate, caring, patient, classy, professional and positive people who take pride in their accomplishments.

If you have an interest or know of someone who is interested in learning to play an instrument, we highly recommend Oksana School of Music."

Gloria L. from Tallahassee, FL

"I have worked with many professional entertainers and music schools and this is by far the best. I would recommend this School to anyone who has a child that is wanting to learn music and even more so to children who are passionate about music.

Oksana and Alex, are two of the most outstanding people i have ever met. Professional, generous of with that can do attitude and always deliver and go over Clients Expectations. They care and really want to make a difference in people’s lives. They are on a mission to provide the best experience to their Clients. Heart Passion and that Spirit to make a difference. Oksana School of Music is the only place i recommend to learn how to learn to play the piano and guitar..They are the real deal!!"

Andy Brouillard, GM from Tampa, FL

"I'm posting because I like when I find companies that are about joy, quality, and building relationships, not just bottom-line fixated. Oksana School is that kind of team.

When my family moved to LA (bev hills areas) two years ago my wife decided to dust off the saxophone and take some lessons. We found Oksana online and hired them to send an instructor to our home to teach some lessons. They sent a very knowledgeable and reliable instructor, complete gentleman and very nice guy.

My wife took maybe a dozen lesson just to brush up. Very good experience. From there I got to know the owner of Oksana School of Music, Alex and Oksana, and as we got to talking, it led to me doing a few assignments for their company.

I can honestly say working with Oksana has been a joy. It's an inspired company and they are always very clear on their vision, they are fair and professional, and all around very good people. The assignments I get always put me in a good mood because they usually have to do with one of the charity causes they are involved with, and the tone is always very artistic and romantic and fun."

R L. from Skokie, IL

"Having taken my Italian lessons at a community college as far as I could, I really wanted to continue to learn and improve it - especially conversational Italian. For several years, I studied once a week with their teachers, and found them to be extremely patient, and they made it fun to learn! I learned so much from them, and later my husband and I also studied with one of their tutors. She was great! We have met Oksana on several occasions, including a concert and she is truly an amazing artist - yet so sweet and humble at the same time. If you would like to learn how to play an instrument, or learn another language, I cannot recommend this school more!"

Tessie D. from Burbank, CA

"Oksana is a gifted and very knowledgeable pianist who exudes patience and encouragement. I had the pleasure of working with Alex and Oksana when they were here in St. Petersburg, FL, and I've seen firsthand their professionalism, warmth and love for music. You simply will not find a better source for learning music."

James K. from Saint Petersburg, FL

"As a global entertainment publicist, I have had the pleasure of working directly with Alex and Oksana for over 20 years.  I have found Alex to be responsive, attentive to detail, creative and connected. Every single time I have asked them to support a non-profit through a performance or appearance, he and Oksana have obliged, often activating their friends and fans towards the cause as well.  It seems that what I start, he finishes. A perfect and talented client. A better human being."

Jack Glasure from Raleigh, NC

Older testimonials:

"My son had been taking violin lessons from Oksana School of Music & Art when we used to live in LA. When we moved to Virginia, we were happy to find out that we were able to continue our lessons via Skype. It’s been 3 month now, and my son has been training weekly with an instructor from Oksana’s school over Skype. We’ve been enjoying the convenience and progress of our son’s music lessons."

Lilit Novajo, Richmond, VA

"I have been learning guitar for over a year. My abilities increased faster than I thought it was possible. I can also fit classes into my busy schedule because these online lessons are so convenient. Thanks, Oksana School of Music & Art!!"

Natalia Morozova, Moscow

"I’ve been a fan of Oksana for many years, and always wanted to learn how to play the piano the way she does. I discovered that she opened her online School of Music, and I signed up right away. It’s been six month now, and I can’t say enough how great my music journey has been. I can finally pursue my passion for music, directly from my source of inspiration!  Thank you, Oksana!"

Richard Johnson, Key West, FL

"My children have been taking online Skype piano lessons from Oksana School of Music & Art. They have had a couple of Skype lessons so far and I am so impressed with how great it works. I can't thank our teacher enough for keeping my kids motivated and looking forward every time to their piano lesson.  Thank you."

Marry Rosenbland, San Francisco, CA

"Skype lessons – I think this is a brilliant way of doing my music lessons. Oksana School of Music & Art is a gem amongst private music schools. I am so lucky to have found it. I love the relaxed, friendly atmosphere and the enthusiasm of the highly qualified teachers, making learning music a fun experience."

Michael, New York, NY

"I studied guitar on and off for years and for the first time I've found a real efficient method with a teacher who understands exactly what I need."

Yao Lee, Beijing, China

"My teacher really knows how to challenge her students and give them difficult tasks to improve themselves in a way that it is still a lot of fun - in a very playful way! She is very friendly and happy and knows how to motivate her students! I think that the Skype lessons worked very well and I enjoyed them a lot."

Pat A, Melbourne, Australia

"My coach from Oksana School of Music and Art was able to ignite enthusiasm for the art of singing and took me to the next levels of professionalism. She was able to help me polish my sound and bring out the best in my vocal performances."

Melanie B, Vancouver, Canada

"Oksana Kolesnikova has been quite the angel for me. I see her 3-4 times a week for piano lessons and she has taught me so much about discipline, hard work, determination, success and life in general. If it wasn't for Oksana, I wouldn't be accomplishing some large goals and breakthroughs at this moment in my life. I hope Oksana will be a lifetime mentor and friend of mine."

Cara Quinci, Actress

"Oksana is an expert in her field. She is the total package, a gifted teacher, musician, and person. She has taken our Sam and instilled not just a love for music, but a passion. He practices without being encouraged or asked and looks forward to each lesson. Her method is so effective; it has produced results that we would have never thought possible."

Amy, Alex and Sam M., Los Angeles, CA

"My son began taking piano lessons about two months prior to our finding Oksana. Prior to switching instructors, he hated practicing and his lessons. Piano held no interest for him. Once he began taking lessons from Oksana, everything changed. He practices on his own for longer periods than he is required to. Oksana has instilled a love of the craft in him. He loves it and he loves learning from her. He is so impressed by her ability and tries his best to be his best for her. Thank you, Oksana!"

Nanette and Ed C., Los Angeles, CA

"My daughter started piano lessons with Oksana at three and a half. She is now five and a half years old and not only playing but reading music as well. I've also noticed my daughter booking more jobs in television and print because of the confidence she has acquired by playing in piano recitals. Oksana is amazing with kids and I highly recommend her! Thanks Oksana you're the best!"

Lisa Brunson

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