Alexander A.

Piano, Composition Teacher

California native Alexander is a forward-thinking, classically trained pianist, keyboardist, composer, and arranger with a bent toward mixing '70s-influenced jazz and fusion with hip-hop and R&B. Born to Jamaican immigrant parents in 1993, Anderson first began playing piano around age nine. By his teens, he was recording his own demos playing guitar, keyboards, drums, and bass on songs inspired by his love of '60s and '70s psychedelic rock, prog rock, and jazz fusion. However, it wasn't until he enrolled at Grossmont College in San Diego that Anderson began formal jazz studies. During his first two years at Grossmont, Anderson developed into a gifted jazz pianist and began playing locally with his own trio, as well as forming the experimental fusion outfit Unidentified Fusion Orangement (U.F.O.). Looking to further his musical studies and following the lead of a few of his U.F.O. bandmates, Anderson enrolled at Boston's Berklee School of Music. Accepted with a composition scholarship, he transferred to Berklee in 2013 and soon found himself ensconced in the vibrant Boston jazz scene. While at Berklee, Anderson also re-formed a new version of U.F.O. and released the group's 2014 debut album, Abducted. A year later, he delivered the solo EP Portals. In 2016, Anderson released his debut solo album, Eternity of Being. Featuring a handful of guest vocalists, the album found him combining his love of electrified psychedelic '70s jazz and fusion with a modern hip-hop and R&B sensibility.