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Here you will learn about all that we have covered with your wonderful children during the week. This blog is updated weekly. Please check periodically for the updates.

Please note: NO REFUNDS are issued after the program has started and no make ups or pro-rate are offered if a child misses a class.

Friday 5/25/2018 - SPANISH - Today it was our last class! We started out the class with a few games that involved review of everything that we learned from day 1. The students didn’t have any sheets or anything to help them so it was all through memory to see what actually stuck and what I had to go over with them one last time. It was very nice teaching them, they are all very smart and have made a lot of progress from day one. Hasta Luego!

May 23, 2018 - GUITAR  -- The guitar class at Santa Clarita Elementary met yesterday for their last class of the school year. Students reviewed material they learned over the last eight weeks, including notes from G to G on the first three strings, quarter notes, half notes, and 4/4 time. They also explored creating songs with modified C, G, and G7 chords and shared their creations with their classmates.

5/18/18 - Spanish -  the Santa Clarita Elementary students were taught how to point out different types of clothing on a person such as shirts, pants, socks, shoes, dresses, and hats. The students were given a sheet with a blank figure and they were given another sheet with different kinds of clothing and they were able to cut out the clothing and put it on their blank figure. All the students did a great job.

April 27, 2018 - Spanish - Today the Santa Clarita Elementary school students learned how to say polite words such as 'pro favor' please and 'gracias' thank you. Students were also given a word bank to match with Spanish sentences such as "como te llamas?" meaning what is your name? They were given a sheet that has Introductions and Greeting along with pictures to give a better understanding of the situation in which you would use those terms. We reviewed a greetings sheet but not all of the students were able to finish them so we will practice them more next week. I hope you all have a great weekend. Hasta Luego!

APRIL 25, 2018 -- GUITAR -- This week the SCE guitar students worked hard reviewing material from previous weeks as well as learning and incorporating new skills. After reviewing songs that used only first string notes E, F, and G, they moved on to the second string and learned to read and play D. They are using these four notes and both quarter and half note rhythms to play a variety of simple songs.

April 20, 2018 - SPANISH -- Today the Santa Clarita Elementary students were given a worksheet where they had to connect the dots to make a Star design but the trick was that the dots were numbered in order in Spanish, followed by another worksheet where the students wrote their favorite number in Spanish. They were then able to color both sheets however they pleased. We then moved on to a quick pop quiz where the students had to write numbers 1-20 in Spanish with only a word bank to help them with spelling but the numbers in the word bank were in a random order. Lastly we moved onto a fun worksheet where students began to learn parts of speech, including how to point out the difference in saying you(Tu) to a friend and you (usted) to an adult. Students were also given back their Spanish book folders to take home their work to practice if they would like to. see you next Friday! Hasta Luego!

April 18, 2018 - GUITAR  -- The Santa Clarita guitar class met this week for another great class. The students reviewed songs using the notes E, F, and G on the first string, taking the opportunity to perform for one another. They learned the difference between half notes and quarter note rhythms and incorporated those into some new songs to create more rhythmic variance and interest.

April 13, 2018 - SPANISH -- Today we learned how to count from 11-20 while also tracing out how to spell numbers 11-20. The students were also given a worksheet where they could draw and color. They had to match pictures with numbers that were written in Spanish. Students were also given new Spanish folders where they could keep all their work saved.

April 11, 2018 - GUITAR  -- The guitar class at Santa Clarita Elementary met again this week after a week of spring break. The students reviewed simple and familiar songs using fret numbers, such as “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star” and “Hot Cross Buns.” The students were given an introduction to music notated on a staff and learned the notes E, F, and G on the E string.

March 30, 2018 - Spanish - The Santa Clarita Elementary students met for their first class session. We started the class off with everyone introducing themselves by simply saying "Hola, me llamo" meaning 'hi my name is.' They also worked on two other worksheets, one that involved them tracing out how to spell each of the numbers in Spanish, and the other involving a quick review where they had to match the Spanish number with the correct amount of animals shown in the images. Students were then given a chance to color each of the animals whichever way they would like allowing them to expand their creativity as well as learning something new. The first class went really well, but each students learns at their own pace.

Please allow your children to study the worksheets for a few minutes a day so that it stays fresh in their memory for the next class. Thank you very much! Hasta Luego!

March 29, 2018 - GUITAR -- The Santa Clarita Elementary guitar students met today for their first class of the session. They learned about holding their instruments, tuning, and how to play correctly on the strings. They also worked on playing familiar tunes using fret numbers. Their homework for next week is to prepare pages 16 and 17 in the guitar method book.

Please remind your children to take good care of their equipment as it is sensitive.

Please keep in mind that since this is a group class, and every student learns at the pace of the group, it is expected that some children may be faster than others in learning.  In this group class we all work as a team, so the faster students get to help their study partners.

Please note:

We do offer private, one-on-one music lessons in the comfort of your home. So, we suggest to continue your children’s training with one of our outstanding instructors so they don’t have a long gap between lessons, and therefore hinder their progress.

Thank you very much.

Oksana and Staff

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