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Hello Parents! I had a great time working with your kids this trimester. I split the kids in to two groups: the piano kids and the guitar kids. I separated them because their curriculum for the session was different. I taught them the fundamentals of the notes on the scale, pitch, and tempo. I had them work on multiple songs in their workbook for them to learn more and more about the different aspects that make up a song. For the guitar kids, I taught them notes one at a time and they increased their ability to play songs with more and more notes in them. The piano students however knew all the notes from the beginning because they have all the notes laid out on the keyboard for them to look at while they play so they can begin to memorize the note on a piano. Overall I had a great time working with the kids and I hope they continue to pursue playing their instruments and improving. Thank you!  Teacher Ramsey

Keyboard Class Report: The students learned how to play popular songs using notes from A-G and recognizing different octaves of G. They played the first 8 songs from "Ode to Joy" to "The Farmer in the Dell" and worked to proficiency in each song. The older students learned more about how to distinguish different note durations. We also emphasized the idea of assigning a different finger for each key in the five-finger C position. The last few songs "Deck the Halls" and "The Farmer in the Dell" went outside the 5-finger position to introduce notes A, B, and low G. For each song, I asked them to play the song 5 times with the left and 5 times with the right hand, as piano requires the ambidextrous use of both hands. I also had them continue practicing and reviewing previous songs to get better at them and to build up the fluency, rhythm, and tempo to where they sound like the original songs. At the last class, the students had a test to see how far they got in the book and how proficiently they can play their favorite song they learned so far. Students were able to pass the test and show satisfactory progress throughout this class.

Guitar Class Report:  The students learned how to play popular children's songs using tabs and some basic chords. They used tabs to play the popular children's songs "Rain, Rain Go Away," "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star," and "Hot Cross Buns." The students were given a sheet with fret numbers to know where to place their fingers, and they played the rhythm by ear. After learning how to play songs with tabs, the students progressed to learning to read sheet music. First-time guitar students learned notes D, E, F, and G, whereas returning students also learned A, B, and C. We also went over proper hand position, efficient use of the fingers, and the ability to pick the correct string at the correct time. They also learned how to distinguish rhythms in terms of quarter, half, and whole notes. At first, they had some trouble moving from one fret to another, but after some weeks of practice they developed more proficiency and confidence. On the last day, each student took a test to see how far they got in the book and how proficiently they could identify and and play the notes. They all were able to pass the test and showed progress in this 8-week term. ~Teacher Lilia

SPANISH: Monday 9/10/18 was the first day of class.The Santa Clarita Elementary students met for their first class session. We started the class off with everyone introducing themselves by simply saying "Hola, me llamo" meaning hi my name is. They also worked on two other worksheets, one that involved them tracing out how to spell each of the numbers in spanish, and the other involving a quick review where they had to match the spanish number with the correct amount of animals shown in the images. Students were then given a chance to color each of the animals whichever way they would like allowing them to expand their creativity as well as learning something new. The first class went really well, but each students learns at their own pace. On Monday 9/17/18, we learned how to count from 11-20 while also tracing out how to spell numbers 11-20. The students were also given a worksheet where they could draw and color. They had to match pictures with numbers that were written in Spanish. Throughout the first couple weeks of October,  the Santa Clarita Elementary students were given a worksheet where they had to connect the dots to make a Star design, but the trick was that the dots were numbered in order in spanish, followed by another worksheet where the students wrote their favorite number in spanish. They were then able to color both sheets however they pleased. We then moved on to a quick pop quiz where the students had to write numbers 1-20 in spanish with only a word bank to help them with spelling but the numbers in the word bank were in a random order. Lastly we moved onto a fun worksheet where students began to learn parts of speech, including how to point out the difference in saying you(Tu) to a friend and you (usted) to an adult.

Within the last three sessions of October,  the Santa Clarita Elementary school students learned how to say polite words such as 'por favor' please and 'gracias' thank you. Students were also given a word bank to match with spanish sentences such as "como te llamas?" meaning what is your name? They were given a sheet that has Introductions and Greeting along with pictures to give a better understanding of the situation in which you would use those terms. Starting off the month of November, Santa Clarita Elementary students were taught how to point out different types of clothing on a person such as shirts, pants, socks, shoes, dresses, and hats. The students were given a sheet with a blank figure and they were given another sheet with different kinds of clothing and they were able to cut out the clothing and put it on their blank figure. All the students did a great job. Monday, 11/19/18 was our last day of class! From the beginning of class i started a point system to reward students who were working and improving well in class as well as helping others. Every student in the class did great and all earned a reward (cake pops) after the class had ended. We started out the class with a few games that involved review of everything that we learned from day 1. The students didn’t have any sheets or anything to help them so it was all through memory to see what actually stuck and what I had to go over with them one last time. We finished one last crossword that involved actions such as how to understand words such as "to sit" or "to stand", we also reached our goal and all of us counted to 100 in spanish which was very impressive! It was very nice teaching them, they are all very smart and have made a lot of progress from day one. All of the sheets we used were given to them to keep so they can look back and study on their own.

Hasta Luego!  Teacher Tito.

Please keep in mind that since this is a group class, and every student learns at the pace of the group, it is expected that some children may be faster than others in learning.  In this group class we all work as a team, so the faster students get to help their study partners.

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We do offer private, one-on-one lessons in the comfort of your home. So, we suggest to continue your children’s training with one of our outstanding instructors so they don’t have a long gap between lessons, and therefore hinder their progress.

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