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Recital Cover 2018Well, well, summer is here! Time to unwind, regroup and relax somewhere cool and exotic! June (and part of July) will see us visiting Amsterdam, Dublin and Costa Smeralda, Italy - both business and pleasure. In fact, we are planning to expand OMG, Inc. internationally, (details here) so we are 'testing the waters' so to speak.

June also sees our most important event of the year: Our annual Grand Recital! All the participating kids are super-excited and ready to showcase their talents! This is also an amazing opportunity to recognize and promote our wonderful Sponsors featured in our gorgeous Grand Recital Magazine, which is published both in printed version as well as digitally. This year's issue is bigger and better than ever, thanks to the skill and artistic creativity of our dear friend Lorraine Dahlinger. Please stay tuned for the downloadable pdf that we will make available in the next Newsletter, after the Recital.

Santa Clarita Katare AdSponsor of the Month

This month, we care to duly acknowledge this fantastic family-owned local business, Santa Clarita Karate, with whom we have entered in an exciting collaboration several months ago, as you can read here. If you live in Santa Clarita, you definitely want to meet them! You may take advantage of their kind VIP Certificate offer, TWO WEEKS COMPLIMENTARY!
Our own son Alessandro has been going there for over a year and loves it!

Oksana Management Group AdSpecial Offer

Don't forget we also offer ONE FREE LESSON to all new clients! Simply choose your favorite subject/s and let us know when you would like to start your lessons.

If you are ready to start your lessons, simply register as a new client here: Online Registration. - It takes only a few minutes and it's 100% secure (PCI SSI compliant). We will follow up via email once we receive your registration.

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