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Hello Friends!

Italian sunset - Il TramontoWhat's New

Let's start this beautiful Fall season (albeit a bit hot here in LA) with Oksana's newest piano composition, "il Tramonto*" (The Sunset). Special Thanks to the wonderful Tony Neiman for his artistic contribution, to Skyler Lucci and Anthony Evergreen* for constant support. Click the link or the pic to view the view on YouTube. Please remember to subscribe and 'Like' the video! We are about to hit 2 Million video views for Oksana's YouTube channel!

Bösendorfer Grand Piano for Sale!

Bösendorfer Grand Piano 200If you are looking for the ultimate Grand Piano at a truly bargain price, this is for you!

Measurements: 6' 7” deep by 59” wide (200 x 151 cm).

This Bösendorfer Grand Piano 200 is entirely made by hand, and was built in 1963 over a process completed within three to four years at the Bösendorfer facility in Austria.

Being that Bösendorfer is considered one of the finest brands of pianos ever produced, their product line was limited to five or six hundred piano boxes each year.
Get all the details right on our website! Bosendorfer for Sale

Special Offer! Flychord DP420K Digital Piano!

Oksana FlychordIf the Bösendorfer above is out of your range, and you still want to surprise your musical child, wife, husband (or anyone you care about) with a truly special Holiday gift, this is for you!

Personally endorsed by Oksana, this state-of-the-art instrument can be yours for just over $1,000! (brand new-in-the-box, shipped anywhere in the US, that is!).

You may read more here: Oksana & Flychord




As you already may know, our company offers:


We want to encourage you to try out our services by giving you ONE FREE HOUR of Computer Science Private, in-home tutoring with one of our amazing instructors! (Provided you live in one of the areas we serve).

Offer Expires November 30, 2017.

Needless to say, we will be happy to provide any of the services we offer. Just email us and let us know for which subject/s you would like private tutoring.

Lastly, Happy Halloween everyone, be safe out there but have lots of fun!

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