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Hello Friends!

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Welcome into HOTTTTT August! Hope you all are staying nice and cool out there! Here in LA is over 100 degrees daily, lately! But no complaints, we are blessed with wonderful weather year round, and... with ice-cold A/C! 🙂

We wanted to share some exciting news: for one, we are currently preparing to shoot a commercial aimed at informing the online community about Oksana's upcoming LIVE & ARCHIVED PIANO LESSONS! The idea is to have Oksana teach a LIVE Piano class every Saturday morning (Pacific Time) and then archive it for later viewing by those who couldn't participate in real time. We are working with top professionals and we anticipate the commercial to be very beautiful. We are filming it net week on a Flychord Digital Piano and on Nicolas Cage's ex-Ferrari-red baby grand. Most likely it will be ready for unveiling with next month's newsletter! Stay tuned!

On a separate note, schools are about to resume, so we are bracing for some serious work here! Our After School Enrichment Programs are now in about 10 LA Schools and we anticipate being in many more very soon, as the word is spreading quickly, as you can read here. Therefore, we are CONSTANTLY looking for qualified Music Teachers to join our ever-growing team. If you are, or happen to know a PIANO, VOICE, GUITAR OR VIOLIN TEACHER, and are looking for a new great teaching opportunity, please contact us ASAP!

Event of the Month

The Valencia Symphony Orchestra’s upcoming performance combines the extraordinary talents of young composers with two classics from the silent film era. Come watch the hilarious Charlie Chaplin and Harold Lloyd while listening to the Orchestra’s professional musicians play these new, original scores.

Valencia Symphony Orchestra

The Valencia Symphony Orchestra's Conductor would like to extend to all our friends, clients, teachers and contacts their Family and Friends discount. Not only will you receive a discount on your tickets, there are also NO SERVICE FEES! All you need do is “Like” The Valencia Symphony Orchestra Page on Facebook and private message them with the number of tickets and the price range you would like. They can take cash, or credit card. The prices are:

$20 plus online fees = $24.50. Your price: $18 (You save $6.50)
$25 plus online fees = $29.50. Your price: $22 (You save $7.50)
$30 plus online fees = $35.50. Your price: $26 (You save $9.50)

Hearing live music while watching a classic movie is truly is an amazing experience and we hope that you can attend! I know we are! You can view a trailer of the Chaplin movie here.

Referral Program!

Referral MoneyWe have a referral program where for every referral that you send and signs up for at least four lessons of any of the services we offer, we give you TWO FREE LESSONS! (a subject of your choice)

Our services are:

Music Lessons (piano, voice, guitar, violin, etc)
Foreign Languages (Italian, Spanish, French, Russian, Chinese, etc)
K-12 Academic Tutoring and Test Prep (Math, English, Science, SAT, ISEE etc)

So please spread the word!

Till next month...!

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