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A Tale of (Young) Hope, Love and Success:
Getting to Know the Mega-Talented Isabelle Dubroy

Isabelle DubroyIn an age of budding “stars” being discovered through the likes of YouTube, Vimeo and other uber-popular platforms that have exploded on the social scene over the past few years, it’s rare that any of these so-called entertainers find a solid enough footing to be able to actually wear the “famous” moniker. Still, we are living in a time that’s dominated by the young in many respects, and more than a few of the world’s talented youngsters have carved out a niche for themselves via social platforms and online video channels – to the point many-a-rising-superstar have been cast under a white-hot spotlight of notoriety.

Case in point: The young, incredibly talented Isabelle Dubroy, piano student protégé of pianist, composer and businesswoman extraordinaire Oksana Kolesnikova, who has been busy taking the young lady’s skills to dizzying new heights since resuming the task of being Isabelle’s teacher. Oksana began instructing the Greenville, North Carolina native when she was just seven through the efforts of the Oksana Management Group, Inc. and since blossoming into an amazing young star, Isabelle has been focused on creating messages of hope, love and success for children, teens and pre-teens.


Isabelle DubroyAn award-winning actress, singer, model and philanthropist, Isabelle Dubroy is well-known for her 2014 web series Microchip Jones, for which she has won two Young Artist Award nominations, and is constantly cited for her passion for helping underprivileged children and their families through the sales of her published children’s books and CDs. But at the core of this young talent bombshell’s essence is an inherent love of music, one that was completely nurtured, supported and ultimately realized by Oksana Kolesnikova during their time spent together in the Oksana School of Music and Art studio.

Since then, the rising star created her own original music which includes songs like “Coconut Mama,” “Isabelle’s Heart,” “Get Up,” “No Princess” and “Mula,” most if not all of which she crafted at the age of 10. All of these songs came from two albums – 2015’s Isabelle’s Heart (with a sing-along book) and 2016’s Get Up (also with an accompanying sing-along book), the culmination of which was proof of Isabelle’s mastery of not only voice but drums, violin, guitar and piano.

It is Oksana herself who summarizes Isabelle’s passions “flawlessly” – a bit of pun intended – when commenting on her protégé’s brand new song: “Beauty, brains and balance comprise the ‘holy trinity’ of this young star’s characteristics, and they each play a role as Isabelle’s music strives to entertain the different corners of the globe. A great example of this is her new emotion-fueled single ‘Flawless,’ which is all about self-esteem and accepting one’s flaws – perfectly applicable topics for the teen and pre-teen demographics Isabelle sings to.”

“Flawless,” which boasts an accompanying video snippet on YouTube, bursts with inspirational energy and an almost hypnotic harmony that truly earns Isabelle the “ahead of her time” accolade so many have already branded her with.

Beyond such awe-inspiring accomplishments – made even more astounding when considering she’s just a kid herself – Isabelle was the National American Miss Pre-Teen for 2016 to 2017 and the National American Miss Princess for 2011 to 2012, to say nothing of the myriad of additional accolades she’s enjoyed including being an Honor Roll student in Mathematics two years in advance of her classmates while in California’s Kumon Program, winner of the National Scotties Trees Rock Essay Contest in 2015, recipient of the California Legislature Assembly Certificate of Recognition during the Unity First Event in Pacoima in 2015 and more.


Isabelle DubroyWhen Isabelle isn’t belting out inspired music or gracing the covers of publications recognizing her for being the beautiful young princess she is, this ambitious young lady puts her creative writing juices to the page, another talent that has produced such published books as Stuffy the Lucky Puppy, Poems of Love, Pretty Perfect Super Hero and Haley the Helping Hippo.

With a future ahead of her so bright she is going to need sunglasses to envision it, Isabelle Dubroy continues to focus on a message for her fellow teens and pre-teens, one which has everything to do with believing in oneself to achieve success while holding on to hope and love. She wishes to one day reach her goal of becoming a Pediatrician so she can continue to aid in the welfare of children all over the world, and given the determination she has shown as a talented young firecracker in the performing arts, it isn’t unreasonable to assume she will realize that dream – and much more.

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