OMG, Inc. Plans ‘Happy Campers’ Summer Camp 2020

OMG Music Lessons, Languages, TutoringChildren of Santa Clarita Valley community offered opportunity to learn in fun, safe and enriching environment; activities to include art, music, sports, academics, foreign language learning and more.

Los Angeles, CA – Oksana Management Group, Inc., the Los Angeles-based full-service education and lifestyle support agency headed by pianist, composer and businesswoman extraordinaire Oksana Kolesnikova, has announced its plans to launch OMG’s Happy Campers’ Summer Camp, “Santa Clarita’s most educational and fun summer camp experience ever.” Children will have the opportunity to learn in a fun, safe and enriching environment, with programs and activities to include art (drawing and painting); music (singing, piano and guitar sessions); sports (self-defense/karate, dance, running and exercising); academics (reading, math, English and history); foreign language learning (including Spanish); extra-curriculum activities (cooking/table etiquette, acting and storytelling) and more.

“The activities as part of our Happy Campers’ curriculum were designed to keep the summer fun, interesting and engaging for children with all interests,” explains Kolesnikova. “Campers can choose which activities to participate in, and our staff provides structured play and games during the Free Play time periods. Perhaps best of all, our camp operates around kids’ and parents’ schedules – so they can choose which days they wish to be part of the fun – with parents able to pick up and drop off the little ones at any time throughout the day.”

Camp will run from mid-June to mid-August, Mondays through Fridays, and is open to children four to 12 years of age, with OMG, Inc. representatives stating that older kids are welcome as helpers and trainees. Additionally, due to food allergy concerns and individual dietary restrictions, it is requested that children bring their own lunch and snacks with them.

A half-day option is also available for kids attending Happy Campers’ SCV Summer Camp 2020.

As campers have the opportunity to engage in indoor and outdoor organized play activities during Free Play, while from 9:30 to 11:30 they will learn piano/keyboards, guitar and singing during a comprehensive music session. Following a lunch break from 12:30 to 1:30 pm, campers engage in extra-curriculum activities and academics including art, cooking, acting, reading, math and foreign language learning.

Another Free Play session runs from 3:30 to 4:00, followed by sports activities from 4:00 to 6:00 that encompass running, exercising, self-defense/karate, dance and more.

Parents will be afforded the chance to save on fees through comprehensive package offerings; these include $99 per day when they buy one day or more, $89 per day when they buy five days or more and $79 per day when they buy 20 days or more. An entire Summer Package offers the best value, with a total cost of $2,700 at $69 per day. The half day program is $49/day.

Sibling discounts are also available, and the aforementioned older children who wish to participate as helpers, trainees and apprentices also receive a discount (more information can be obtained by contacting the Oksana Management Group).

Early registration for OMG’s Happy Campers’ SCV Summer Camp 2020 can be completed at .

The Oksana Management Group, Inc. can be reached by calling (323) 284-7930.

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OMG, Inc. is seeking Program sponsors who can help low-income families participate to the Happy Campers SCV Summer Camp 2020. Contact Us for details.