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Here you will learn about all that we have covered with your wonderful children during the week. This blog is updated weekly. Please check periodically for the updates.

Please note: NO REFUNDS, are issued after the program has started and no make ups or pro-rate are offered if a child misses a class.

March 7, 2018 - In this class, we organized the classroom before the students were dismissed, then headed over to the room 28. We reviewed the song happy birthday to you and went for I'm a little teapot. Some students are a little bit further on the song book so we helped these ones with the songs they've been practicing. The class was flowing good and natural as usual and we could notice the natural musical evolution on all of them.

February 21, 2018: Here we began with reviewing "Bingo" because the students needed to get a firmer grasp of that song. They practiced that tune for the first half of the class then proceeded to "Jolly Old St. Nicholas." For the more advanced returning students, we also dove deeper into finger placement and the 5-finger C position. Students often struggle with the rhythm at first, but then get the hang of it after several repetitions of the song. Next week we will review these tunes and learn the next one.

FEBRUARY 7, 2018 -- In this class, students  revisited previous songs in the book, then started working on "Yankee doodle" and "this old man". Every student following the notes, however some doing it faster and others slower. Some of them using both hands already, others working on it. Since the songs became familiar, the majority of the students can  recognize the melody and play them easily, using their own skills. The progress is clear on everyone. Next week we'll go for the next song in the book, since they all seem pretty confident.

JANUARY 31, 2018 -- In this class, we began by reviewing London Bridge and Alphabet Song, especially so that kids who were not there last week could catch up. After those, we moved to Yankee Doodle. Beginning kids focused on finding the notes on the keyboard and differentiating between higher and lower versions of the notes. Returning students would focus on improving finger placement and learned a little bit about harmonizing with the C major chord. This proved challenging but a worthy goal for them to work towards this semester.

JANUARY 24, 2018 -- In this class, we began by reviewing "London Bridge" until every student understood how to play the right keys in the right order. When they were able to locate the correct keys, we began emphasizing effective finger placement and technique. The students played this song several times, then proceeded to begin working on "Alphabet Song." Students were able to play the rhythms by ear, since these songs are familiar to all of them. We will continue working on this song at the beginning of next week's class so the kids can play it fluently and confidently.

JANUARY 17, 2018 -- Our first class went very well. We spent some time setting up all the materials, such as keyboards, songbooks, and headphones, then we learned our first song. We started where the previous class had left off, on "London Bridge" on page 7. The new students began to understand the layout of the keyboard and the proper way to place the fingers. Returning students began to take on the challenge of recognizing notes on the keyboard without looking at the note labels. All students have the right amount of challenge in accordance to their experience levels with piano playing.

Please remind your children to take good care of their equipment as it is sensitive.

Please keep in mind that since this is a group class, and every student learns at the pace of the group, it is expected that some children may be faster than others in learning.  In this group class we all work as a team, so the faster students get to help their study partners.

Please note:

We do offer private, one-on-one music lessons in the comfort of your home. So, we suggest to continue your children’s training with one of our outstanding instructors so they don’t have a long gap between lessons, and therefore hinder their progress.



Thank you very much.

Oksana and Staff


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