Oksana Kolesnikova Endorses Flychord Piano

Flychord Instruments Endorsed by Celebrated Pianist Oksana Kolesnikova

“New Kid” on the Block.

Flychord Piano, child of a 60 year-old OEM company, has “grown up” this past year. An innovative development team and a dynamic marketing staff have met the competition. Flychord has brought innovation to the hi-tech digital piano marketplace, delivering outstanding pianos to American families at affordable prices. Flychord has done its legwork for music education as well. These instruments' features are fully integrated into a learning paradigm, allowing both experienced and novice pianists to excel.

Oksana Discovers Flychord.

Oksana Kolesnikova by Eleonora ChessaHere’s the situation. Oksana Yurievna Kolesnikova’s preferred acoustic brand has long been Steinway. As a pre-eminent pianist and composer she keeps in touch with developing instrument technology. She discovered that Flychord had sampled a variety of instruments as it was developing its unique instrumental sound. Surprised? Flychord had admired the acoustical quality of Steinway’s Concert Grand (990 pounds of wood, iron, and steel) as it evaluated acoustics of a variety of competitive quality instruments. Its research and product development culminated in their DP420K.

“Now, enter” pianist Oksana, Russian-born, internationally renowned, composer, classically-trained, and owner of eleven pianos (including the Ferrari-red baby grand once owned by Nicolas Cage - Photo by Eleonora Chessa). She listens and then plays Flychord’s digital instruments. This musician and teacher (patron of Oksana School of Music & Art and recipient of the school's “Best of Beverly Hills Business Award” in 2013) applies her considerable expertise to evaluation of the 100 pound Flychord digital piano. The piano “knocks her socks off,” because it so excels.

Oksana Kolesnikova Teams with Flychord.

Here’s what Oksana discovered. Flychord released DP420K.  Each weighs a little more than 100 pounds, so it’s a quarter of what traditional upright pianos weigh. These pianos have superior acoustics and are portable, consumers readily relocating them in home, studio, or classroom. The company is innovative and focused on the American market. "Digital" allows voice quality, touch, and design features to “grow” with musician experience. And at a price point of $1,199 (with no charge for Shipping!) how could Oksana not endorse Flychord’s DP420K for her students?

Judge for Yourself.

Oksana offers an opportunity for both student musicians and established pianists to experience the flexibility of the DP-420K.  Interested parties should email mgmt@oksana-k.com for a private consultation. Serious inquiries only.

Flychord DP420K Specs