The A to Zs of Fighting Boredom Book

Alessandro Book Cover

"The A to Zs of Fighting Boredom" is a book written by Alessandro Concas.

This book makes an awesome gift to family members or friends who have children! It has just been released and you can order your copies right here.

The book is available at $14.95 per copy, with a 20% discount if you order 5 copies: 5 books for $59.75 ($11.95 per book).


Order 1 book for $14.95
Order 5 books for $59.75

Oksana Management Group, Inc.
and Alessandro will donate 10% of profits from the book sales to Smile Train, a noteworthy international children’s charity devoted to solving the problem of cleft lip and palate.

Alessandro is the eight-year-old son of famous Beverly Hills, California-based pianist, composer and businesswoman Oksana Kolesnikova. He explains his inspiration behind the project: “One day, during a summer break, I found myself feeling quite bored, and that’s when I came up with the idea of The A to Zs of Fighting Boredom. My hope is that children like me discover fun activities when they themselves feel bored, and I plan on putting whatever money is made on sales of the book toward my college fund and other projects.”

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