American Dream icon, Oksana® Kolesnikova, Offers Online Silver Lining During Coronavirus

Taking into serious consideration the children of those affected by this worldwide catastrophe – during a period when parents and children are confined to their own homes – Oksana is offering, completely free of charge, an online beginner piano/keyboard course, personally taught by her, to children 7 to 13 years of age. Anywhere in the US and abroad. 


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Oksana® Kolesnikova is an inspirational example of The American Dream story. She is the elegant Russian-born American pianist and composer who transformed herself from a talented music student upon immigration to the U.S. into a renowned performer, educator, innovative music and languages curriculum creator, and franchise developer.

She is now the CEO of three companies including her umbrella of OMG, Inc. (Oksana® Management Group, Inc.) and serving students and schools with a range of enrichment offerings from languages and music to academic tutoring. She was delighted in Fall of 2019 to launch franchising with Oksana® Enrichment Programs, her scalable educational platform, paying it forward with business opportunities for others to reach their own American Dream.

Born from her love of music performances, composing, and teaching students, she sought to provide a quality-based resource for student enrichment beyond what her high-demand, one-on-one lessons would allow. She has successfully combined team-building, mentoring, collaborative relationships, and digital resources into an innovative business model.

Today, in the midst of the COVID-19 turmoil, Oksana® offers a silver lining to parents of school-age children and to fellow entrepreneurs.

Q: How can your company, OMG, Inc., help during these challenging times, beside your most immediate help with free online piano lessons?

Oksana®:  “I am happy to be in the position of sharing my skills as a second generation educator free of charge during these moments of need.  Children and their education are what motivates me to conquer new heights, as a person and as a businesswoman.  We have been teaching remotely long before anyone else in traditional schools, and in the wake of current events, it has become even more relevant. We are continuing to make strides in the remote learning, e-learning and work-from-home sectors, and the franchise opportunities with our Oksana® Enrichment arm offers a business model that allows interested parties to work safely from home without the need for dedicated office space. But also: OMG, Inc. is offering entrepreneurs a silver lining in the midst of what can only be called challenging times, with the Oksana® Enrichment franchise opportunities.

How exactly does this fit into the question of how recent events are affecting my business? To begin with, those who decide to become an Oksana® Enrichment franchisee will be in a position to offer online lessons to customers, mostly parents of school-age children, making the appeal of OMG’s After-School Enrichment Programs that much greater.

Secondly, we want to extend the opportunity of essentially working from home with others, so that they may have a safe respite from potentially dangerous environments. Indeed, now everyone has a chance to be part of a groundbreaking learning endeavor that boasts a genuine potential to revolutionize the way we work, teach and learn.

We’re also looking into remote classes for all our educational programs, because it represents one of the future paths in the realm of learning – imagine being anywhere and enjoying access to premium education while pursuing a lifelong passion…that is truly exciting.”

Oksana®’s scholastic and arts-focused business, already successfully operating with a large roster of instructors and in numerous schools, is helping to fill a growing demand for youth enrichment programs. Oksana®’s franchise program is tailored to help elevate instructors and musicians from gig workers to business entrepreneurs, as well as offering current business professionals with a well-researched, and fully-developed opportunity in the forefront of youth enrichment.


Oksana® Enrichment Programs offers private, one-on-one lessons in the areas of music, foreign languages, and academic tutoring in all subjects, K through 12, with potential for franchisees to further expand subjects offered. Additionally, After-School Enrichment Programs are available that encompass lessons for music instruments, voice/choir, art, acting/drama, sports and foreign languages, as well as tutoring and test prep.

In early 2020, Oksana® was presented with the Award of Excellence in Education at a pre-Grammy Awards party at the Los Angeles Chargers penthouse headquarters, where she also performed a piano concert of original compositions.

Oksana® has recorded eight CDs of original, classical and popular music and her own instructional video for students of piano. Her “Free Floating” CD won the 2010 Best Classical Album of the Year on She has collaborated with other international musical artists for recordings, and her original compositions have been chosen by international artists to record on their own CDs. Her CD, "Best of Two Worlds," evolved from a collaboration with notable fine artist Jim Warren.

"Oksanabella," her YouTube channel featuring her performances, has well over 2.5 million upload views from all over the world.

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