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A Tale of (Young) Hope, Love and Success:
Getting to Know the Mega-Talented Isabelle Dubroy

Isabelle DubroyIn an age of budding “stars” being discovered through the likes of YouTube, Vimeo and other uber-popular platforms that have exploded on the social scene over the past few years, it’s rare that any of these so-called entertainers find a solid enough footing to be able to actually wear the “famous” moniker. Still, we are living in a time that’s dominated by the young in many respects, and more than a few of the world’s talented youngsters have carved out a niche for themselves via social platforms and online video channels – to the point many-a-rising-superstar have been cast under a white-hot spotlight of notoriety.

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Dr. Viossy arranges Oksana’s piano masterpiece “The Voice of Life” in Melodic Metal style.

Los Angeles, CA – April 2, 2017 - It was music at first sight. When Oksana’s management first heard Dr. Viossy’s outstanding Heavy Metal rendition of Beethoven’s third movement of Moonlight Sonata, they immediately contacted Dr. Viossy and proposed a creative collaboration between the two artists. The result is this dramatic, powerful and uplifting rendition of Oksana’s most meaningful original composition, “The Voice of Life.” (original piano version)

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