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Oksana Kolesnikova: Russian-born Celebrity Who Turned ‘The American Dream’ Into Reality

Oksana on Insiderlyfe

Oksana Kolesnikova is a successful celebrity who has dynamically transitioned from being a young award-winning pianist to CEO of three businesses. Originally hailing from Russia, Oksana emigrated to Florida, U.S after the fall of the Soviet Union. The inspiration-driven individual started her journey as a pianist and has excelled in other fields as well throughout her career. She has been a composer, educator, innovative music, and language curriculum developer and, as of late, a personal mentor to the franchise owners in the Oksana® Franchising International, Inc. network, which is truly a proof of her determination and willingness to succeed.

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Oksana FinancialEducation GOLD

Announcing: Financial Literacy for Children and Teens Enrichment Program

Stay Ready Money Tips

The Stay Ready Money Tips Program in collaboration with OMG, Inc. will be a Segway for children and teens to learn about how money works in a dynamic, fun, and inclusive way. Taught by financial professionals who help people every day learn the same financial concepts. In this program students will learn very important financial tips that when implemented will be beneficial throughout their lives. These will be some of the topics that will be covered.

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Los Angeles-based guitarist with keen entrepreneurial spirit looks forward to bringing passion for music to new generation of students during pandemic-burdened times.

Los Angeles, CA – April 29, 2020 – In the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic still sweeping the globe, the Oksana® Franchising International, Inc. is continuing to make strides in the remote learning, e-learning and work-from-home sectors, offering franchise opportunities for its Oksana® Enrichment arm – given that the business model allows interested franchisees to work safely from home without the need for dedicated office space. Amidst this news, Oksana Enrichment has announced that professional musician and Los Angeles-based guitarist Henry Chavarria has joined the Oksana® Enrichment franchise family, a business decision that comes at an opportune moment given the current environmental and social climate the majority of the world’s populations find themselves in.

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Taking into serious consideration the children of those affected by this worldwide catastrophe – during a period when parents and children are confined to their own homes – Oksana is offering, completely free of charge, an online beginner piano/keyboard course, personally taught by her, to children 7 to 13 years of age. Anywhere in the US and abroad. 


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Dear Friends:

As you are all undoubtedly aware of by now, the world has been changed by the global pandemic known as Coronavirus, and as lifelong champions of helping people when they are in need, we here at the Oksana® Management Group are offering a way for you to play a vital role in assisting others in these challenging times…right alongside us.

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