Alessandro Releases his Book “The A To Z’s of Fighting Boredom”

Alessandro Book Cover

Talented young entrepreneur-in-training and son of famous pianist and composer Oksana Kolesnikova taps inner wordsmith to secure future college funds and raise funds for his school; 10-percent of profits to go to Smile Train.

Alessandro, a student at Tesoro del Valle Elementary School, explains his inspiration behind the project: “One day, during a summer break, I found myself feeling quite bored, and that’s when I came up with the idea of The A to Zs of Fighting Boredom. My hope is that children like me discover fun activities when they themselves feel bored, and I plan on putting whatever money is made on sales of the book toward my college fund, helping my school and other projects.”

In taking lessons from his “Pianist to the Stars” mom, Alessandro has evolved to become quite the gifted pianist himself, with his favorite subject at school being math. Instinctively wise beyond his years, the budding entrepreneur enjoys spending time with his pet ragdoll cat Bijou and studying Computer Science, taking tennis and Italian lessons.

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