Oksana’s Grand Recital Magazine Advertising

A Great Advertising Opportunity

Have you been searching for a highly effective way to reach new potential clients in your area, but have been consistently disappointed by lack of creative advertising opportunities, absurdly high ad costs or other off-putting circumstances? Do you routinely wish for a powerful word-of-mouth-type of advertising channel that could get your message out devoid of the complexities that sometimes plague traditional marketing?

The Oksana School of Music and Art is that solution!

Oksana Grand Recital Cover 2019 FinalNow, before you ask yourself what a music school has to do with advertising, let us explain: As owners and operators of this prestigious arts education academy, located in Beverly Hills and lorded over by renowned pianist and entrepreneur Oksana Kolesnikova, we host the annual Grand Recital at the regal Steinway Piano Gallery of Beverly Hills each May, where all of our students come together to vividly showcase the cornucopia of talents they’ve garnered over the year.

This celebratory occasion is accompanied by a stunning “souvenir” Grand Recital Magazine we produce, featuring many of the performers in the Grand Recital with a dedication photo that appears alongside a roster of select advertisers and Recital Sponsors. As a prospective advertiser, here’s the part you’ll want to pay attention to: This magazine is seen by all our current, past and future clients, all of whom comprise many of Los Angeles’ most affluent families. What’s more, the Grand Recital Magazine has become something of a precious keepsake for those parents who want to regularly look back on it over the years and view photos of their kids; to say this is an additional benefit for the advertisers and sponsors showcased in the magazine – featured right next to those photos – is something of an understatement.

So what’s our pitch, you are probably asking? Put simply, we’d like you to consider placing an ad for your business in the next issue of our Grand Recital Magazine … a move that will virtually guarantee exposure to the right kind of demographic, and one that will leave you happy about abandoning any previous unsuccessful advertising efforts.

Below is our current rate sheet for your convenience, and this will provide fees and additional information for your review. Additionally, you may glance at the latest Grand Recital Magazine by clicking HERE.

Thank you for this moment of your valued time; we look forward to the possibility of working with you and/or answering any questions that you may have!

Warmest Regards,

Oksana Management Group, Inc.

OSM Grand Recital Ad Rate Sheet 2019