Isabelle Dubroy

OMG, Inc. Receives Generous Contribution from Isabelle Dubroy and Isabelle’s Heart Foundation for Rio Vista Elementary School’s ASE Programs

Evyn D. - OksanaTotal of 10 lucky children attending local Title I school to be able to participate in music or foreign language curriculum free of charge; OMG, Inc. continuing to seek additional ASE Programs sponsors.

Los Angeles, CA – August 18, 2018 – In a recent heartwarming announcement in Santa Clarita's main newspaper, 'The Signal', Isabelle Dubroy – Oksana Kolesnikova’s star piano pupil and young protégé extraordinaire who has been setting the social media world on fire with her awe-inspiring music and more – in conjunction with her Isabelle’s Heart Foundation organization, has made it financially possible for Oksana Management Group, Inc. to provide Rio Vista Elementary School with After-School Enrichment Programs. Through a generous contribution, a total of 10 lucky children attending this local Title I school will be able to participate in an OMG, Inc. music or foreign language ASE Program free of charge.

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Bösendorfer Grand Piano 200

Measurements: 6' 7” deep by 59” wide (200 x 151 cm).

This Bösendorfer Grand Piano 200 is entirely made by hand, and was built in 1963 over a process completed within three to four years at the Bösendorfer facility in Austria.

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Oksana Colonna Resort

Andiamo in Italia! (Let's go to Italy!)

Oksana Colonna ResortReceive a Very Special 30-Percent-Off Your Next Dream Vacation!

As valued OMG, Inc. Newsletter subscribers, website visitors and, many of you, personal friends, we have a special offer that you’re not going to be able to refuse. While that may indeed sound like we’re taking a page from The Godfather script, rest assured you’re in no danger – in fact, we’re betting that this is going to be the getaway you’ve always dreamt about.

Your Very Own Slice of Paradise … and More!

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A Tale of (Young) Hope, Love and Success:
Getting to Know the Mega-Talented Isabelle Dubroy

Isabelle DubroyIn an age of budding “stars” being discovered through the likes of YouTube, Vimeo and other uber-popular platforms that have exploded on the social scene over the past few years, it’s rare that any of these so-called entertainers find a solid enough footing to be able to actually wear the “famous” moniker. Still, we are living in a time that’s dominated by the young in many respects, and more than a few of the world’s talented youngsters have carved out a niche for themselves via social platforms and online video channels – to the point many-a-rising-superstar have been cast under a white-hot spotlight of notoriety.

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A Great Advertising Opportunity

Have you been searching for a highly effective way to reach new potential clients in your area, but have been consistently disappointed by lack of creative advertising opportunities, absurdly high ad costs or other off-putting circumstances? Do you routinely wish for a powerful word-of-mouth-type of advertising channel that could get your message out devoid of the complexities that sometimes plague traditional marketing?

The Oksana School of Music and Art is that solution!

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