17 Science-Backed Benefits of Playing Piano

Here is yet another great article about the benefits of playing piano

Piano Keyboard Reviews website has recently put together a very interesting and informative article regarding the benefits of playing piano for children, adults and seniors. The article was posted on their site by Maurice Muise on July 1, 2018 and it can be accessed HERE.

Oksana by Eleonora Chessa
Oksana by Eleonora Chessa

As the author put it, "there are dozens of benefits of playing piano. Playing the piano is good for your brain, and there are many related health and physical benefits, especially for children and seniors. Here are 17 of them." The author then post a wonderful Infographic about the benefits of playing piano and then goes into great detail regarding each of the 17 benefits.

So, here are 17 benefits as listed in the article:

Benefits of Learning Piano at a Young Age

1. Playing the Piano Improves IQ
2. Playing the Piano Changes the Structure of the Brain, Which Improves Learning Ability
3. Playing the Piano Improves Academic Performance
4. Playing the Piano Improves Language Skills
5. Playing the Piano Boosts Self Esteem
6. Playing the Piano Helps Kids Be More Social
7. Playing the Piano Boosts Creativity
8. Playing the Piano Improves Math Skills
9. Playing the Piano Improves Reading Skills
10. Playing the Piano is NOT Screen Time!

Benefits of Learning Piano for Adults

11. Playing the Piano Relieves Stress
12. Playing the Piano Improves Your Mood & Decreases Depression
13. Playing the Piano Improves Memory
14. Playing the Piano Improves Decision-Making
15. Playing the Piano Stops the Decline of “Executive Function”
16. Playing the Piano Improves Hand-Eye Coordination
17. Playing the Piano Strengthens the Body

Read more about the benefits in the article HERE.

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