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Offering comprehensive and professional music lessons for students in Beverly Hills, San Pedro, Santa Clarita and greater Los Angeles, and even online, the Oksana School of Music & Art is the premier arts education experience in the L.A. area, lorded over by “Pianist to the Stars” Oksana Kolesnikova.

The Top 12 Reasons the Oksana School of Music & Art is the Right Choice for YOUR Budding Musician

If you’re a busy L.A. mom balancing life with young children, you’re well aware of their insistence on having fun – that’s exactly what the Oksana School allows them to do, and why it’s the number one reason on our list.

1. Fun is Always the Priority

Let’s begin by asking this simple question: Have you always wanted your kids to take music lessons, but they just haven’t enjoyed the experience in the past? If pressuring them to practice playing their musical instruments has become something of a challenge, the Oksana School of Music & Art’s expert instructors provide the ideal solution.

Under the tutelage of trained music teachers, your children study the intricacies of piano, guitar and more while our staff ensures learning music scales is actually an enjoyable experience for them. We can tell you from vast experience – and from understanding the Los Angeles area very well – that piano, guitar, voice and violin lessons taken under the wing of the right instructor makes all the difference. Send your budding musician to a music and arts instructor focused on helping him or her polish their skills…all while indulging in enjoyable experiences.

2. In-Home Lessons Represent the Ultimate in Convenience

What better environment is there to learn just about anything than one’s own home? And let’s be honest: Getting stuck in a typical L.A. traffic jam is not only one of the most aggravating experiences a busy parent can have, it’s exacerbated when kids are late for any kind of after-school activity. What’s worse, after children arrive, the same fee must be paid to the teacher or school, irrespective of the fact that the lesson is much shorter at that point.

That’s all a thing of the past with the Oksana School of Music & Art’s in-home lesson packages, which not only offer peace of mind regarding getting your kids somewhere on time, but money-saving benefits as well, with no more ridiculously expensive parking fees. To say that taking lessons at home is a convenient way for your Los Angeles-based family to study music is an understatement.

3. A Money-Back Guarantee Never Hurts

Here’s something you won’t find in another Beverly Hills-based music and arts school: Our money-back guarantee ensures your hard-earned cash goes back into your pocket should your kids not enjoy their first class with us. How’s that for giving your children music lessons without having to worry about losing any money?

4. Expand Their Horizons with Foreign Language Lessons

Opt to enroll your children for music lessons through the Oksana School, and they will be rewarded with the opportunity to learn a foreign language -- we even offer academic tutoring courses through our parent company, Oksana Management Group, Inc. But the main thing we like to stress is that our teachers understand the meaning of “idiosyncratic”…that each child is a unique person. Indeed, one child may gravitate to piano lessons and another may opt to study French or Spanish, while still another may need extra help preparing for tests.

The bottom line is that our instructors are equipped to assist children with a multitude of needs.

5. Complimentary Teacher Replacement

If your child’s teacher decides to retire or relocate during the curriculum, we immediately put into place another compatible instructor, and here’s why: Teachers, more so than many other vocations, tend to quit or move to a new location quite often, and when this happens you don’t want to risk the chance of your children finishing their studies with the wrong individual. Our goal is to always create a perfect match to ensure a smooth transition if this situation should transpire.

6. Only Qualified Instructors are Welcome Here

At the Oksana School of Music & Art, there is nothing that gets past our eye when screening prospective instructors. We check the backgrounds of all personnel to make sure they don’t come along with criminal records, and we only hire experienced teachers who exude a passion for teaching young children. Our instructors care about making your kids feel nothing but comfortable while encouraging them to pursue the hidden talents they were always harboring.

Once enrolled in a curriculum with us, your young one will begin a custom program specifically geared for his or her particular requirements as crafted by one of our expert teachers. We believe in – and practice – a philosophy that suggests every child deserves a unique education.

7. Progress Reports to Easily Assess Skills

Our instructors are obligated to focus their attention on the performance skills of each student, and this means that rather than studying for months without achieving any tangible, positive results, your children benefit from instructor progress reports. Students move to higher levels according to their achievements, with each teacher focusing on ways to encourage learning.

8. The Bedrock of What We Do: Building Strong Skills

Our Los Angeles-based piano lessons are carefully designed to encourage students to enter talent shows, summer camps and competitions. Why? Though your child may not use these skills in future careers, the lessons they learn are invaluable and will stay with them for the remainder of their lives.

9. After School Enrichment Programs

We offer ASE programs to children enrolled in public schools and private schools located throughout Los Angeles County. We work with different school districts providing piano, guitar, singing and art lessons. Give our office a call if you want to learn more about introducing our programs into a school's basic curriculum.

10. Referral Programs

To show how appreciative we are for referring friends, neighbors and relatives to our school, we provide each child two free lessons for every referral. These referrals apply to a plethora of available programs we offer, including piano, guitar and voice lessons, and the two complimentary referrals can also be used for foreign language studies or K-through-12 academic tutoring lessons in English, Math and Science. Further, we offer test preparation classes to prepare children before they take SATs and ISEEs.

What other music-oriented school in L.A. can make that claim?

11. Competitive Rates

Of course, no service is a good one if the prices aren’t competitive, and at the Oksana School of Music & Art, our rates are always competitive when it comes to singing, piano and other instrument lessons. Not only that, but you will always experience incredibly hospitable customer service from our friendly staff.

Whether you’re enrolling your children to study music or a foreign language, speaking with one of our representatives to learn more about our value-laden prices and special promotions is the best way to learn about how we operate.

12. Online Lessons: Wave of the Future

Is there anything that’s not done online today? Now you can add music lessons to that category, with the Oksana School’s online lessons for students residing in other cities and countries.

Already experiencing rapid expansion by way of hiring new teachers to instruct students via Skype and FaceTime, our online school program enables students to benefit from lessons taken in the convenience of their own homes – without the need to travel to Los Angeles. Online students are exposed to unique opportunities to interact with our experienced instructors via real-time classes, and our online music lessons are already proving ideal for students traveling abroad.

Have we piqued your interest and provided a flip side to the “typical music lessons” coin? Fill out our Contact Form today and begin your foray into the Oksana School of Music & Art experience!

"It has been a true pleasure having Oksana teach music and voice at our school.  Her desire to provide an enrichment class instructed with a high quality education is what I love the most!  This desire and the reasonable priced enrichment classes has made it possible for our school to allow our kids to be exposed to a talented musician as well as be instructed by her and her team." - Cassie Eads, PTA President - Emblem Academy, Saugus, CA

“Oksana has been teaching our daughter piano since 2013 and we think she is the best teacher in Los Angeles. Oksana is an extremely gifted pianist and is able to teach excellent technique and theory, but most of all she has patience and compassion. She truly is an artist and loves her craft and it shows in the pleasure she gets from seeing our daughter learn with each lesson! It has been a joy to see our daughter play the piano!”  The Amazing Race TV show Producers Elise Doganieri and Bertram van Munster

"Through Oksana's piano coaching, my piano playing has excelled in more ways than I could have ever imagined - my tempo, sight reading, form and overall playing and performing.  Can't thank her enough for the gift she's given me through her teaching!" - Kat Von D, L.A. Ink

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