Gaetano G.

Guitar Teacher

Baltimore, Maryland native Gaetano began his love affair with the guitar at the age of eleven after discovering Led Zeppelin.  Starting with lessons at local music school, by the time he reached high school he had begun playing in bands and constantly working to feed his ever-evolving music taste (which grew to include various rock styles, heavy metal, blues, and jazz).  An internship at The Music Workshop in Baltimore (where he also took lessons) in his senior year of high school helped him discover an innate knack and passion for teaching music.

In the following years, he worked to develop his teaching ability independently before taking a position as a guitar instructor at Bones Jones Music in Rockville, Maryland after graduating from the University of Maryland, College Park.  He recently relocated to the Los Angeles area to study at Musicians Institute in Hollywood, continue to use his skills as an instructor at Oksana School of Music & Art, and get involved in the local music scene.

Gaetano is also perfectly fluent in Italian.