“Dr. Viossy”

Celebrity Online Guitar Teacher

 “Dr.Viossy” is a solo artist, celebrity guitar coach, recording artist, and producer from Italy.

Dr. Viossy started studying Music when he was a child and his love and devotion for Music and guitar made him one of the world’s most well-renowned guitarists. He’s been playing with his lifetime friend Michele Luppi (keyboardist for Whitesnake) since they were children.

Dr. Viossy is the most viewed Italian rock/metal guitarist on YouTube. His rendition of Beethoven’s third movement of “Moonlight Sonata” on electric guitar became viral in a few months, with over 11 million views so far. The rendition shows not only his dazzling technical skills, but also his classical music background and expertise.

Dr. Viossy arranges Oksana’s piano masterpiece “The Voice of Life” in Melodic Metal style.

Los Angeles, CA – April 5, 2017 - It was music at first sight. When Oksana’s management first heard Dr. Viossy’s outstanding Heavy Metal rendition of Beethoven’s third movement of Moonlight Sonata, they immediately contacted Dr. Viossy and proposed a creative collaboration between the two artists. The result is this dramatic, powerful and uplifting rendition of Oksana’s most meaningful original composition, “The Voice of Life.” (original piano version)

“Dr. Viossy couldn’t have done ‘The Voice of Life’ better justice. He captured the soul of the song, made it his, and generated this new masterpiece I am truly proud of.” Oksana says. Watch: (The Voice of Life –Melodic Metal Version)

Oksana wrote “The Voice of Life” for her own wedding in 2000, where she performed it for the first time. She has dedicated her composition to all people who are in love.

Dr. Viossy is Oksana School of Music’s most sought-after online celebrity guitar instructor.