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Here you will learn about all that we have covered with your wonderful children during the week. This blog is updated weekly. Please check periodically for the updates.

Please note: NO REFUNDS are issued after the program has started and no make ups or pro-rate are offered if a child misses a class.

FEBRUARY 21st, 2018 - The guitar students at Santa Clarita Elementary had a productive lesson today. The returning students are working on page 31 in their books, which incorporate previous skills such as reading quarter and half notes and also the notes C, D, E, F, and G on the first and second strings. During class they worked on finger dexterity in switching from fret to fret and string to string, as well as continuing their music literacy and note reading. The students new to our class this semester are quickly progressing, and they are working on page 27 in their books. They are reading songs that incorporate the notes E, F, and G on the first string and are now reading rhythms with both quarter and half notes.

FEBRUARY 14, 2018 - The guitar students at Santa Clarita Elementary had a great class yesterday reviewing previous material and learning some new skills. The beginning students continued working on songs with the notes E, F, and G and practiced their music literacy by reading notes and rhythms using quarter and half notes. The returning students learned a new note, C, on the second string and incorporated it into songs that make use of all the notes and rhythms they have learned so far. The beginning students are working on page 25 in their books, and the returning students on page 30.

JANUARY 31st, 2018  --  The guitar students at Santa Clarita Elementary had a great class today and learned a number of new skills. Those new to the class this semester continued playing familiar songs on the E string, and added frets 7, 9, 4, and 2 into the mix. Their assignment is to practice pages 16 and 17 in their books and put together the melody for "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star." The returning students reviewed quarter note rhythms and learned how to count and play half notes using the notes E, F, and G. Their assignment is to prepare page 27 in their books, making sure to differentiate between the quarter and half notes.

JANUARY 24, 2018  - The guitar class at Santa Clarita Elementary had a great session today, reviewing material from last week and working on some new skills. Returning students polished their skills reading E, F, and G on the E string and students new to the class explored changing notes by using the open string and frets 3 and 5. Returning students are assigned page 23 in their books to practice for next week, and new students should look at pages 14 and 15.

JANUARY 17, 2018  -- Our first guitar class was a lot of fun!  The students were divided in two groups: returning students and new students. The new students received their materials. The main things we learned yesterday were how to hold the guitar, how to strum, and what frets were and how to use them to play different notes on the higher E string. We practiced “downstrokes” and an “upstrokes” in rhythm. Next lesson it is our goal to be able to play Olympic Gold even better, and move on to learn a few more notes on the E string!  The returning students reviewed what we learned last semester.  Each student got to play several songs for their classmates.  We were impressed by the great memory these students have!  We will be working on new songs next class.

Please remind your children to take good care of their equipment as it is sensitive.

Please keep in mind that since this is a group class, and every student learns at the pace of the group, it is expected that some children may be faster than others in learning.  In this group class we all work as a team, so the faster students get to help their study partners.

Please note:

We do offer private, one-on-one music lessons in the comfort of your home. So, we suggest to continue your children’s training with one of our outstanding instructors so they don’t have a long gap between lessons, and therefore hinder their progress.

Thank you very much.

Oksana and Staff

Please watch this TED Ed video on YouTube to understand the importance of music lessons:

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