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Here you will learn about all that we have covered with your wonderful children during the week.  This blog is updated weekly.  Please check periodically for the updates.

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Group K-2: this class began where they left off, on pages 24-25. Once they finished this song, the class progressed to Old MacDonald then to the ear training drills on page 28 and the composition exercise on page 29. Returning students worked up to Sailor Jack, on pages 30-34.

Group 3-6: This class began on page 45, to review the song from last time, then proceeded to get as far as possible in this book. They got nearly to the end, working up to pages 53-55, on which is a long song, Lost my Partner, which they can practice for a long time.


Grades K-2: In this class, the students began by reviewing pages 18-19 then proceeding o to the technique drill on pages 21-22. By the very end of class, they progressed up to the song "Jolly Old St. Nicholas" on pages 24-25 but will need more time to be able to master this song. Returning students began with a review of Old MacDonald until they played it consistently and proficiently, then moved into more melodic exercises on pages 27-28.

Grades 3-6: Students began to explore the white key notes, learning all letter names for the notes A-G. The book had numerous exercises for them to do on pages 35-40, focusing on identifying white keys on the keyboard. They then completed these writing exercises and moved onto the drills on page 40 and then to the song "Batter Up," their first song involving white key notes. Our returning student learned new songs and theory involving melodic and harmonic intervals.


Group K-2: This group began with a review of "Merrily We Roll Along" on page 15, then proceeded onto the group rhythm and ear training drills on page 16. They then progressed onward to pages 17 and 18.

Group 3rd-6th: This group began with a group activity to help practice and hear rhythmic patterns. Then then reviewed the "Jolly Old Saint Nicholas" on pages 24-25, and proceeded to the next song, "Old MacDonald" on pages 26-27. They learned this song quickly as well and were able to proceed to the ear training drill on page 28 then begin the new, long song "Sailor Jack." They will pick up from here next time.


Group K-2: The class began with a review of the technique drill on pages 12-13, then proceeded onto the group rhythm activity on page 14 and the new song on page 15. They will be focusing on refining page 15 next week before moving on. The returning students reviewed the song on pages 24-25 until it was proficient and consistent, then proceeded onto "Old McDonald" on page 26.

Group 3-6: Our first-time piano students began with a review of pages 15 & 16, then worked on page 17 until it was solid and consistent. They were on a roll of grasping the material very quickly today, playing each tune 3-5 times with proficiency, and made it through page 23. They got to look at the song on pages 24-25 for the last couple minutes of class and will focus on refining this tune next week. Our returning student worked on recognizing notes in treble clef and made it up to page 29 in the Level 2 book.


Group K-2: We split into two groups: returning students who have played piano before and students who are new to piano. The new students began with a review of pages 10-11 and then proceeded onto the technical exercises on pages 12-13. We also did a group review of basic rhythm values and how to count rhythm. The returning students worked on the song on pages 24-25. All students should practice the class material at home during the week.

Group 3-6: In this group we have only one returning student, who is playing from the Level 2 book. He worked up to page 15, learning the notes C-G in the bass clef and treble clef. The rest of the group also started with a review of pages 10-11 as well as the technical drill on pages 12-13. They proceeded to the song on page 15 and spent most of the class working on that. They both learned it proficiently so we had time for the group rhythm exercises on page 16 as well, and they have the assignment of practicing pages 15 and 16 during the week.


K-2: We began with the basics on the first few pages, discussing the fundamentals of hand position, finger placement, finger numbering, and keyboard layout. We worked through those pages and proceeded onto the basic tunes on pages 10-11. Students who quickly and easily got a firm grasp on those basic tunes were exposed to some of the more advanced material on pages 20-22, where last semester's class left off, to begin working with the returning students on their material. Going forward, we would divide the class into a beginner group (no prior musical experience) that will continue from the basics on pages 10-11, and a more advanced group (older students with some prior musical exposure) working from farther into the book, to allow each child to work at the most appropriate level and use teamwork to gain a better grasp of the material.

3rd-6th: We began with the basics on the first few pages, discussing the fundamentals of hand position, finger placement, finger numbering, and keyboard layout. We worked through those pages and proceeded onto the basic tunes on pages 10-11 and exercise on pages 12-13. We had the returning student play the role of Teacher's Helper to assist them in learning new material and demonstrate some of the more advanced tunes that they will learn later this semester. The students tried their hand at the more advanced exercises on pages 20-22 and were able to grasp it; however, we would continue from pages 12-13 onward next time to reinforce the fundamentals and proceed from there. Our returning student will continue to be Teacher's Helper and assist new students in learning the basics more efficiently, but will also work on new material to progress from where he left off last semester.

Please note:

We do offer private, one-on-one music lessons in the comfort of your home.  So, we suggest to continue your children’s training with one of our outstanding instructors so they don’t have a long gap between lessons, and therefore hinder their progress.

Thank you very much.

Oksana and Staff


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