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Recital Cover 2018Well, well, summer is here! Time to unwind, regroup and relax somewhere cool and exotic! June (and part of July) will see us visiting Amsterdam, Dublin and Costa Smeralda, Italy - both business and pleasure. In fact, we are planning to expand OMG, Inc. internationally, (details here) so we are 'testing the waters' so to speak.

June also sees our most important event of the year: Our annual Grand Recital! All the participating kids are super-excited and ready to showcase their talents! This is also an amazing opportunity to recognize and promote our wonderful Sponsors featured in our gorgeous Grand Recital Magazine, which is published both in printed version as well as digitally. This year's issue is bigger and better than ever, thanks to the skill and artistic creativity of our dear friend Lorraine Dahlinger. Please stay tuned for the downloadable pdf that we will make available in the next Newsletter, after the Recital.

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Happy May, Everyone!

Recital Cover 2018What's New!

Dear Friends,

We are one month away from our annual Grand Recital! Most our students have already registered, but if you haven't yet, this is the last and final call to do so! Our gorgeous Recital Magazine will soon go to print, so PLEASE hurry submitting your kids' photos and copy for their dedications!

As a reminder, the Recital will take place Saturday, June 9 at 12pm at the Steinway Piano Gallery of Beverly Hills. (see below)

We will have a very special treat this year, as Oksana herself will perform one or two original works for everyone in attendance.

Please RSVP NOW! if you are planning to participate!

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Happy April, Everyone!

Recital Cover 2018What's New!

April is indeed a special month around here, since it's Oksana's birthday month..! By the way, Oksana thanks everyone for all the happy birthday wishes! We celebrated quietly on the beautiful Catalina Island.

So we started this month on a good note, and we have some exciting updates.

Parents, please mark your calendars! Our yearly Grand Recital event is scheduled for Saturday, June 9, 2018. at the prestigious Steinway Piano Gallery of Beverly Hills. All our music students are strongly encouraged to participate. Recital Participation fee is $25 per child. Please RSVP NOW!

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Oksana Management Group, Inc.

The Ultimate Enrichment Experience…Realized

In this latest rendition of our newsletter, we would like to get back to basics, so to speak, and focus on what really enables the Oksana Management Group, Inc. to stand apart from its competitors. Since our inception, we have grown from being the management entity for the talented Oksana Kolesnikova to a powerhouse of an organization offering everything from music lessons and foreign language instruction to K through 12 academic tutoring – and, as of late, martial arts and even acting and dance classes.

However, the differentiating factor here is that we offer all these premium services with top-notch professionalism, bolstered by an association with only the finest instructors.

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Hello Friends!

OMG SchoolsHope your new year has started well! It's been a very busy month for us, but no complaints! Our After School Enrichment Programs are now in full swing in all ten or so local schools, hundreds of kids couldn't be happier! Beside our trademark music programs we have now added classes for Acting/Drama, Hip-Hop & Ballet, Math, and get this, coming soon, we will also offer an amazing Martial Arts (Karate) program! Please stay tuned for more details, or feel free to email us for more information. But for now, let's see....

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Beverly Hills, USA-Based Oksana Management Group, Inc. to Launch Dublin Branch

Los Angeles, California – January 8, 2018 – The Irish will soon be getting a seasoned taste of American art and culture when the Beverly Hills, California-based Oksana Management Group, Inc. opens a Dublin branch in early-to-mid 2018. Geared towards busy Dublin moms who don’t have the time to juggle finding the ideal cultural curriculum program for their kids and their career, the services offered by the well-established Oksana Management Group, Inc. – spearheaded by world-renowned pianist, composer and businesswoman Oksana Kolesnikova – will include private in-home music lessons, foreign language studies and academic tutoring opportunities.

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