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OMG SchoolsFirst of all, Happy December, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone. No matter what you celebrate, this is indeed a great month to spend with family and friends. So far December has brought us many good things. For one, we are happy to announce that Albert Einstein Academy in Santa Clarita has joined the 10+ schools we already work with. They will implement our After School Enrichment Programs starting the second week of January 2018. They are implementing five programs, including Art, Math, English, Dance and Drama/Acting! And wait till you hear who their assigned Drama/Acting coach is! We will reveal it in the next newsletter. We do want to give you a clue. "He's real"... If you figure it out, you win the entire Oksana Discography, a collection of 8 beautiful CDs, autographed.
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Oksana School of Music and Art’s Incredible Legacy Choir to Perform Christmas Concert in Valencia

December 14 event at Legacy Christian Academy a talent showcase of choir directors responsible for taking no-singing students to live performance status in just eight weeks.

Los Angeles, CA – December 2, 2017 – The Oksana School of Music and Art in Beverly Hills, headed by concert pianist and entrepreneur extraordinaire Oksana Kolesnikova, has once again been thrust into the public spotlight with an announcement that its incredible Legacy Choir will be performing a Christmas concert at the Legacy Christian Academy in Valencia. Dubbed the Special Christmas Chapel, the concert venue is scheduled to mesmerize staff and parents on Thursday, December 14 at 10 am and will showcase the talents of two mega-talented choir directors who, in only eight weeks, transformed students with no singing abilities to being live-performance-ready.

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A Great Advertising Opportunity

Have you been searching for a highly effective way to reach new potential clients in your area, but have been consistently disappointed by lack of creative advertising opportunities, absurdly high ad costs or other off-putting circumstances? Do you routinely wish for a powerful word-of-mouth-type of advertising channel that could get your message out devoid of the complexities that sometimes plague traditional marketing?

The Oksana School of Music and Art is that solution!

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Thanksgiving music

Happy Thanksgiving, Friends!

Oksana Clocks HymnsVideo of the month

We hope this finds you well and ready to celebrate this awesome holiday. We have some exciting things to share, all music-related! For one, in this video, Oksana plays two of Coldplay's most famous songs. (Click photo). Special thanks to Anthony Evergreen and Skyler Lucci for Video Production. Please don't forget to Subscribe and Like! We are about to hit the 2 Million video views for Oksana's YouTube Channel!
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The Joys of Owning a Stunning Bösendorfer Piano

Bösendorfer Grand Piano 200As one of the oldest piano manufacturers, established in 1928 by Ignaz Bösendorfer, the Bösendorfer piano company boasts a rich history of producing some of the world’s most highly-respected instruments. What enables the Austrian-based manufacturer to stand apart from other musical instrument makers is that it produces 97- and 92-key piano models in addition to instruments with standard 88-key keyboards, resulting in sounds that are normally described by professionals in the industry as “darker” or “richer” than the less full-bodied sound of other pianos from the likes of Steinway & Sons or Yamaha.

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