Learn Piano in Five Minutes!


Download my Piano Video Tutorial, including a Song Book, for free (a $49 value) and start playing immediately.

I invite you to learn tricks and secrets I have discovered over my 24 years of teaching piano, all of which yield instantaneous results – even if you never pressed a piano key before! In my eBook are the top 24 songs of all time, ready to be reinterpreted by you regardless of skill level. You will see surprising results, just by taking a few moments to review the tips I share in these tutorials.

The video tutorial, in particular, explains how to best make use of the song book, enabling anyone – from kids to adults of all ages – to learn how to play the piano, while learning each song, in just five minutes or less. Not only that, but the instructions are provided in a fun and easy fashion, eliminating the all-too-often complicated process of other instructional seminars.

I want you to have fun and enjoy playing and sharing the songs you love…and have learned to play on the piano. Believe me when I say the results will surprise you!

- Oksana

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Why Should You Learn to Play Piano?

  • Learning to play piano gives older people something to share with children or grandchildren.
  • Learning to play piano offers the chance to perform your favorite songs anytime you feel like it.
  • Learning to play piano is a great way to entertain friends and family.
  • Learning to play piano is something you will be able to cherish the rest of your life, and will make you a more versatile
    musician if you're already studying instrumentation.
  • Learning to play piano will allow you to listen to music with greater enjoyment and appreciation.